TBZ Mun takes SAIMSA Soccer Trophy

By Joshua Motsomane


BOTSWANA – The SAIMSA games have attracted 6000 participants from Botswana, and the region.

One thousand five hundred delegates were from Botswana while the rest were from countries like Lesotho, Swaziland, South Africa and Namibia.

“I’m glad that though we are faced with the challenges of recession, Botswana has agreed to host these games. Of course, our government has provided necessary support to ensure that these games are a success,” said Motowane, Assistant Minister of Local Government Botswana, during the opening ceremony at University of Gaborone stadium.

He added that the SAIMSA games started as a dream in Botswana, hence the theme: “Coming home to relive a decade of African renaissance through municipal sports.” Ministers, Mayors, CEO’s of Municipalities, Municipal Managers and officials from various municipalities, attended the event.

The prize giving ceremony, which was coupled with a closing ceremony, was staged at Bank of Botswana Sports Centre.

Thabazimbi Municipality football team hoisted the country’s flag high when it annexed a gold medal after demolishing Outjo of Namibia 4-1 in the final match that was played at Bank of Botswana. They took away gold medals and the trophy.

Meanwhile, Thabazimbi’s netball and volleyball female teams got positions four respectively. Male volleyball was knocked out during group stages. The pool team was knocked out in the last 16.

The winners were furnished with trophies and medals. The games pitting over 55 municipalities from Botswana, South Africa, Namibia, Swaziland, Lesotho.

In his closing remarks, SAIMSA President David Sono dubbed the country as the best host ever. “These are the best SAIMSA Games we have ever had.  The organisation was out of this world.  I would like to applaud the Botswana and Local Organisation Committee for a wonderful job,” he said.

Thabazimbi Municipal Champions posing before their final match held in Bank of Gaborone sports centre.