Remarkable local success story

Kimber ley on the crazy Oreo Icing.

About 3 years ago, Tony and Lizahn Anderson of Thaba Nkwe, went to buy a horse at a nearby farm. Whilst looking at the horse, Tony noticed 2 other horses at the back of the field and enquired after them. Both these horses were destined for the abattoir as they were considered useless. The one was a total nervous wreck and was scared of any movement, even its own shadow. The other was considered crazy and too dangerous to ride. Tony ended up buying all four the horses on the farm.

Tony and Lizahn’s daughter, Kimberley, who grew up on Thaba Nkwe and attended Laerskool Thabazimbi, started working with the 2 “abattoir horses”, as Tony affectionately refers to them,  Tau and Oreo Icing. Tau eventually, with love and patience, became ride able and Kimberley eventually started show jumping with him. Oreo Icing is still a very frisky horse, difficult to control, and had a bad fall breaking Kimberley’s collar bone. She refused to give up on either horse. Oreo Icing was also introduced to Show Jumping, where, depending on his mood, did reasonably well in local Thabazimbi shows.

Tony and Lizahn relocated to Rustenburg where Kimberley started Grade 8 at Rustenburg Hoër Skool at the beginning of 2010. Kimberley enrolled at the Cornerstone Equestrian School to further her passion for horse riding and entered competitive events with her 2 “abattoir horses”.

In her first year of competitive riding at an advanced level, and after 3 shows, and at the North West Schools finals, Kimberley acquired sufficient points to make the North West Schools Team and earn her Provincial Colours. Both Tau and Oreo Icing made it into the team. She will be competing in 4 events at the South African National Championships at Kayalami between 23rd and 26th September 2010. A remarkable achievement for a “small town” Thabazimbi girl who does not know when to give up when she competes against expensive Warmblood and Thoroughbred horses, with her 2 “abbatoir” farm horses.