Renewal of fire arm licences

THABAZIMBI – Owners of firearms whose birthdays fall between 1 October and 31 December must renew their firearm licences before 31 March 2009.
The South African Police is calling upon all firearm licence holders who possess firearms in terms of the repealed Arms and Ammunition Act of 1969, and whose  birthdays fall in the last quarter of the year, to renew their licences, permits or authorizations before the cut-off date of 31 March 2009.
All persons who apply for renewal of their firearm licences after the expiry of their renewal period may be prosecuted and, if convicted in a court of law, they may be sentenced to a period of one year imprisonment or to a fine or to both imprisonment and fine. Such convictions might lead to a person being disqualified to possess a firearm in future.
Firearms issued under the repealed act will cease to be valid on 1 July 2009.
Firearm owners who choose not to renew their firearms must dispose of it before 1 July 2009 by deactivation by a licenced gunsmith after approval from the Registrar, by selling the firearm to a licenced dealer or accredited legal entity, by permanently exporting it or by handing it to the police for destruction purposes.
Any further enquiries in this regard can be directed to Inspector Ramala at 014 777 3511, Ms Struwig at 014 777 3524 or Ms Mahlangu at 014 777 3522.
The police advises that licence holders renew now in order to avoid getting caught in long queues at the eleventh hour.