A BPA bottle can affect your baby later in life

Recent studies have added to overwhelming scientific evidence that Bisphenol-A (or BPA) is a harmful chemical that should not be allowed to contaminate food.

This is why the use of BPA in products like baby bottles has already been banned in Canada, France, Denmark, China and Malaysia, why various other European governments are currently evaluating its dangers, and why CANSA is campaigning for South Africa to follow suit. Clearly no infant should be exposed to a chemical that can increase the risk of developing:Hormonal disorders, Childhood obesity, Premature puberty, Erectile dysfunction, Breast cancer and Prostate cancer.

To overcome this potential problem, avoid any bottle that is not completely free of BPA. If you’re not sure, don’t take chances. Get your baby a new one with the CANSA Smart Choice seal. NUK produces a range of BPA-FREE bottles, the first brand to exhibit the CANSA Smart Choice Seal.

Share this important news with everyone you know who has a baby. We need a coalition of concerned friends and family members to spread the word as widely and quickly as possible, for the sake of our children’s health and join the BPA FREE BABIES group on Facebook to stay up to date with breaking news and make your voice heard.