Liquor can shatter lives!

THABAZIMBI – With the arrival of the festive season and its many festivities, one has to consider drinking responsibly and drawing the line when it comes to too much alcohol. According to the SAPS it is an offence to: * Manufacture or distribute liquor without a license, sell or supply liquor without a license. * Manufacture, sell or supply any impotable substance or add an impotable substance to liquor. * Supply liquor or methylated spirits to an employee as alternative to payment. * Advertise liquor in a false or misleading way. * Advertise liquor in a way that intends to target or attract minors (persons under 18 years) * Produce, supply or import liquor if a person is a minor. The SAPS advises the community to report the abuse of liquor and the illegal trade of liquor. They also discourage the abuse of alcohol and minors from drinking. The SAPS asks that the community will think before they drink and of course think before they drive. Further the SAPS finds it advisable for women not to drink during pregnancy. They ask that the community will not drink and drive or drink liquor in public places. The Police also advises the community not to support illegal liquor outlets nor supply or sell liquor to intoxicated persons or minors.