Beware of veld fires

LIMPOPO – According to a media release received from the Department of Water and Forestry, care is to be taken during these winter months. Once again we are in a dry season which needs precautions to be taken to prevent veld and forest fires. In Limpopo veld fires affected 28.5 ha Euclypt, 70.0 ha Pine, 6.0 ha Blueberries as well as 3000 ha grassland. There were no damages of any building, houses or features of infrastructures as well as loss of livestock. The actual cause of the veld fires is heavy humidity and honey hunting. Communities are therefore requested to participate in veld fire prevention programmes. Landowners are encouraged to listen and watch the weather forecast on radio and television and take extra precautions when the weather conditions are hot, dry and windy. Because of veld and forest fire, people get killed and injured, businesses are damaged and destroyed and our natural environment is affected. Members of the public can report all veld and forest fires to the Tollfree number 112 from a cell phone and 10177 from a land line. For more information on the prevetion of veld and forest fires please call the following toll free number of the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry at 0800200200.