Reach For the Water These Holidays – and Recycle

As many South Africans brace themselves for the annual – and typically lengthy – drive to their end-of-year holiday destinations they’d do well to remember to stay well hydrated whether in the car en route as well as when on the beach, hiking in the mountains or game viewing.

This is the message from South African National Bottled Water Association CEO, Charlotte Metcalf, who pointed out that water — in all its forms — is a vital component of the human diet. And, particularly when temperatures reach their summer highs, South Africans should make certain they are never far away from a tap, a fridge containing a jug of water, a water cooler or a bottle of water.

“Sensible travellers and holiday makers will ensure their suitcases contain sun screens and hats to protect them and their families from the summer sun, and water to slake their thirst and fend off dehydration,” she said.

“And, when if they can’t get to a tap – as many travellers and holidaymakers can’t when they’re enjoying their December break – bottled water is the best packaged beverage option for the environment, as it has the lightest environmental footprint of all packaged beverages.”

Metcalf said bottled water does not compete against tap water for share of mouth in South Africa but is offered as a healthy beverage alternative. It competes against other beverages such as cold drinks and flavoured milks on the shelves of supermarkets, forecourt convenience stores and cafés, she said.

She added that, if this December, your water comes packaged as bottled water and not in a re-usable container, SANBWA urges you to recycle as the bottle’s impact on the environment can be reduced immediately by 25% when you do so.

SANBWA’s recycling tips include:
Set up a holding area for your recyclables in your car – it could be a packet or a box in your boot.
Bring it home.

When you’re out and about and empty a plastic container (water, iced tea, colddrink, sunscreen etc), bring it home for recycling if there are no recycling options around you.

If there is a recycling bin nearby, make certain it is for plastic, and not glass or paper. And make certain that you deposit the container securely in the bin.

Keep the cap on. Make sure to not throw the cap in separately as it may get lost in the transportation process and become litter.

Visit to find a collection depot near you.