EFF take to the street of Thabazimbi

The Eff on strike at the Kumba Mining Offices in Thabazimbi.
The Eff on strike at the Kumba Mining Offices in Thabazimbi.

THABAZIMBI – The EFF Thabazimbi Sub region, held a day of mass protest on Thursday 20 November.
The primary purpose of this was to hand over a memorandum of grievances and complaints to the municipality and the (7) local mining companies in our municipality, as well as the local hospital.
In a media release the Eff said that this activity concerns members of the community and its stakeholders as to demonstrate their frustration and dissatisfaction on the issue of services delivery which has actually become the order of the day here.
According to their press release the institutions are marred by activities and events of corruption, maladministration, fraud and high levels of unemployment which is why it has hampered with provision of services.
They continued to say that the community at large has actually witnessed this unruly behaviour from their government and its leaders which now leading to them going for weeks, facing water disruptions.
According to the press release they would start at 10:00 at the Municipal Offices. Instead they apparently went first to the Thabazimbi Hospital, then Kumba and ended about at 12:30 at the Municipal Offices.
No comment was received from any of these places on whether or not their memorandum(s) was accepted.