The new Volvo C30 – a street smart Swede with loads of attitude

The C30 is undoubtedly Volvo’s most playful and spontaneous car model to date. It appeals to customers who spend most of their time in a city environment and who want a car with character and excellent driving properties. They want a car that raises a few eyebrows with its unique style and personality, which is exactly what the new Volvo C30 offers.

The new Volvo C30 steps out and shows the model’s full potential and personality – it offers customers a generous dose of road presence as well as a variety of bold styling choices. Like its predecessor, the new Volvo C30 is designed to stand out in the premium hatchback crowd.

“Since its introduction in 2006, the Volvo C30 has become highly appreciated for its unique appearance. This applies in particular to the rear. With the new front, it feels as though everything has fallen neatly into place and that the car’s entire personality has been boosted to a new level,” says Daniel Backman, Product Manager for the new Volvo C30.

The new exterior is also a better match for the way the C30 drives – challenging, direct and with a whole lot of attitude,” continues Daniel Backman.

The renewal of the Volvo C30 is more comprehensive than is usually the case with Volvo’s models. At its initial launch, the C30 created a stir with its unique look, and with the facelift will grab even more attention. The entire front has been redesigned, including body panels such as the front wings. This gives the car a radical new appearance, carving out a distinctive personality which clearly separates the new C30 from the Volvo S40 and V50.

Front and centre is the new, larger iron mark. The air intake has also grown in size and resembles the intake in the XC60, while the new pattern on the grille is unique to the C30.

Although the biggest design changes have taken place at the front, the rear also sports the same deep new lines and detailing. The Volvo C30’s contours are much more dynamic than before. The black plastic panels have been replaced with more body colour lower down, to forge a closer visual contact between the car and the road surface.

Locally the new Volvo C30 will be available in 1.6 petrol manual, a 2.0 petrol in either manual or powershift and the awe-inspiring T5 R-Design coupled with either a manual or Geartronic gearbox. At launch the R-Design package will be offered exclusively with the T5.

All the engines are extremely compact and installed transversely in the engine bay for the best possible safety and maximum cabin space
Turbo technology is used in the T5 engine to deliver the best possible performance.

Volvo’s chassis experts have put the new sport chassis through a regime of intensive tests throughout Europe, on narrow, twisting lanes in England, at high speed on the German autobahn as well as on icy winter roads in the very north of Scandinavia. And the results are highly gratifying.

“A customer who test-drives the new C30 R-Design will immediately feel the difference. Even before the car has covered fifty metres, the driver will be aware of the crisp steering and the distinct chassis response. We are very pleased with the result and have considerable hope that keen drivers will feel the same way,” continues Stefan Sällqvist.

The new Volvo C30 R-Design is designed for the discerning younger customer looking for a personalised car with an exclusive, sporty nature. R-Design has become a way for Volvo Cars to boost the company’s attractiveness as a brand and to enhance a more emotive connection to its products. And customer surveys show that this strategy is paying off. On some markets, no less than 80 % of all C30 customers choose R-Design. A large proportion of these customers are under 35 years old. More than in any other instance, these are customers who have come from a different car make.

New Volvo C30 Pricing

  • Volvo C30 1.6 manual – R227, 400
  • Volvo C30 2.0 manual – R255, 700
  • Volvo C30 2.0 Powershift – R271, 200
  • Volvo C30 T5 R-Design manual – R328, 500
  • Volvo C30 T5 R-Design Geartronic – R341, 000