Another victory for the rule of law as DA’s Tokkie Swanepoel reinstated as Thabazimbi mayor

by Desiree van der Walt MP – DA Constituency Head for Thabazimbi

The Democratic Alliance (DA) in Limpopo is exceptionally pleased that once again, the rule of law has been upheld following the Limpopo High Court judgement that has reinstated Tokkie Swanepoel as the lawful mayor of the Thabazimbi Local Municipality.

This legal challenge was launched by the DA after Mayor Swanepoel and the multi-party coalition were unlawfully removed from office by the ANC just over a year ago.

Following Mayor Swanepoel’s unlawful removal, the ANC quickly moved to unlawfully dismiss the acting municipal manager, acting chief financial officer, and acting director for corporate services and replaced them with other individuals of their choice.

These acts of cadre deployment were clearly orchestrated to help the ANC pursue their campaign of state capture of the Thabazimbi Local Municipality.

The order of the High Court further set aside the unlawful motions of council that dismissed the officials who were acting as municipal manager, chief financial officer, and corporate services director at the time of the multi-party coalition’s unlawful removal from office.

The DA looks forward to good governance returning to the communities of the Thabazimbi Local Municipality and is confident that Mayor Swanepoel will turn the ship around once again.

The DA is unapologetic in our quest to hold the line on the rule of law and stop the ANC from breaking our hard-earned democracy