Thabang Marimba Band through to “Stars of the Universe”

The Marimba Band of Thabang Child and Youth Care Centre in Thabazimbi, achieved Gold Status as one of the Top-5 Instrumental winners in the National round of Talent Africa, ensuring their place in the International competition – “Stars of the Universe”.

Talent Africa will also be the host of the Stars of the Universe Competition, a virtual arts competition attracting entrances from more than fifteen countries, which wil be held during December 2021. Results should be available middle January 2022.

Talent Africa is supported by FPASA ( Federation of Performing Art SA) who controls the qualifying standards for Provincial, National as well as International participation.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions on travel this competition will be judged on virtual entries.

The Thabang Marimba Band is well known in Thabazimbi where they have performed on quite a number of occasions, mostly at their own venue at the Care Centre.

Thabang is the only “Child and Youth Care Centre” in this South-western Waterberg district. It was started during 2004/5 to support children of mostly mineworkers, living in poor conditions.

In accordance with the Child Care Act, Individual Development Plans were developed for the 36 children in the care of Thabang. The Social worker involved has also been very successful in reuniting some of the children with their families as part of Thabang’s Reconstruction Programme.