Bankrupted Municipality gets helping hand from PPC

PPC handed over a front loader as well as five skip bins to the bankrupted municipality of Thabazimbi which lost all their assets, including machinery, vehicles as well as office equipment including computers, desks and other furniture due to the poor management of the pre 2016 local municipal government.

The new coalition had to start off from scratch but the help and aid of the community and the businesses operating within the Thabazimbi Local Municipality. This while managing bills which ran into hundreds of million rand from Eskom, Magalies Water en a dozen of other suppliers.

The newly elected coalition managed had to divert funds intended for the municipality to where its was supposed to be spent. This however could not make up for all the losses of equipment and vehicles lost due to the bankruptcy order.

This generous offer from PPC fills a big vacuum as the total waste generated within the town limits accumulates to over 1,5 million tons of waste, more than half by households, leading to the proliferation og illegal dump sites. These dump sites pose a significant threat to human health and the environment.

Recycling also plays a major role in this donation from PPC as it will not only help the municipality in its waste problem but will contribute to the much needed employment opportunities through recycling – in an area where jobs are hard to come by.

The handover took place at Thaba Park Sport Centre on Tuesday 14 September and was attended by dignitaries from PPC as wel as the mayor of Thabazimbi, the honorable councilor John Fisher, supported by other councilors and municipal executives.

In his introductory speech, the General Manager of PPC Dwaalboom, FN Mashimbye, mentioned that PPC was in partnership to help with development within the communities they operate.

Sustained development goes hand in hand with saving the environment, and as waste management serves as a big challenge for local municipalities. This is why PPC Dwaalboom lends a helping hand by improving the quality of the community. Mashimbye implored everybody to work together in building a strong community.

The PPC Inland Business Unit Head, B Mthembu, said that it was important for PPC to submit a strategy in building strong communities. This specific meeting was important, appreciating the influence of Covid on the community, including the lost of lives due to the pandemic. It was not only the loss of lives but also the los of working opportunities and the closure of many businesses due to the lockdown.

Support of the municipality goes hand in hand with the private sector who contributes to the building of better communities. PPC works on these issues right through South Africa, Mthembu added.

South Africa is celebrating its heritage during September. He implored everybody to embrace this heritage by getting involved in the whole community by being socially responsible and committed in their actions.

PPC has over the years been visible in supporting the Thabazimbi Local Municipality. This include recent work to the main pump station supplying Thabazimbi town with water, building toilets in adjacent communities as well as the upgrading of the substation supplying Thabazimbi town, adjacent farms and plots with electricity.