New Circle in Thabazimbi

47-VerkeersirkelThe new traffic circle that is being built at the entrance to the Thaba Mall is evidence of poor and unprofessional planning by the Thabazimbi Municipality, even before it is fully functional. It is already apparent that the circle was designed too wide. Busses and big trucks already experience problems passing through this junction as the road is too narrow. On the photo it can be seen how a smaller circle is being constructed to widen the road. Another is the fate of pedestrians walking from Regorogile to town, crossing this junction as they have to do it between moving vehicles. Chances of a pedestrian being hit is very likely. Bad planning causing the ratepayer’s money to be wasted. A traffic light at this intersection is the more probable solution to the problems created. With a slip-road to the Mall and one offering entrance to the road traveling towards town and a robot controlling the junction, no access problems would arise. With peak traffic building up to way beyond the Dwaalboom road, no traffic would be able to join the traffic flow at the Mall due to a constant line of vehicles passing through this junction. Solar panels, surrounded by barbed wire, could be installed to drive the robots, which limits the chances of cable theft as at this stage everybody is going to know exactly where the new cables for the Warmbad Road/Lephalale junction will be laid.