Exchange students at HFM

The three German exchange students, part of the Youth for Understanding program, are currently enrolled in Grade 10 at Frikkie Meyer High School, from left to right: Hannah Fahr, Veronica Esters and Sebastian Móller.

THABAZIMBI – Youth for Understanding (YFU) is a non-profit organization that strives to create a global understanding of different cultures. Currently, three German exchange students are placed with host families in Thabazimbi. Sebastian, Hannah and Veronica are enrolled in Grade 10 at Frikkie Meyer High School, where they attend their classes in Afrikaans. They have been enrolled since August 2010 until June 2011.

YFU believes that international cultural exchange is one of the best ways of young people to get to know themselves and develop a better understanding of the culture from which they come. With the support of 50 autonomous, yet interdependent YFU national organizations and volunteer groups globally, YFU programs have a reputation of believe that their largest opportunity to change the world is through instilling insight, knowledge and understanding the new generations’ need to succeed in a globally interdependent and multicultural environment.

YFU South Africa offers and participates, in all the programs offered by YFU internationally. The one year academic program for both inbound and outbound students form the corner stone of the YFU program.

Outbound programs include one year and semester high school programs as well as short-term, summer programs. Inbound programs include one year and semester high school programs, short-term safari program and project work program.

Without the support of willing families to host the international students, YFU South Africa would not have been able to achieve successes in placing our students yearly. The benefits of hosting an YFU student in your home are as numerous and varied as the families who embrace this life-altering experience. The families gain a global perspective, they learn about other cultures, it expands your family and it expands the fun, it creates and exchanges memories that last a lifetime and it enriches the school and community by adding the exchange student to your family.

Should there be any enquiries about becoming an exchange student or about hosting an exchange student, contact the local YFU volunteer, Elize Kruis on 083 494 6851 or Rynette Scholtz, Regional Director in Gauteng on 012 549 2362, also visit the website