Dispute – Forum decided against march

THABAZIMBI – The Thabazimbi Chairpersons Forum decided not to go ahead with the protest march that was planned for 8 October 2010. This decision was taken because of the general feeling that it would not contribute to positive talks and negotiations in terms of the dispute declared with the Thabazimbi Municipality regarding the 2009/10 and 2010/11 Municipal Budgets.

The meeting with the Thabazimbi Municipality, deligates from the offices of the MEC of the Provincial treasury, Local Government and Traditional Affairs as well as the Forum is scheduled for 13 October 2010. The input received from property owners on the property tax policy, as requested by the Forum, will be part of the agenda.

All written input must be submitted to the municipality by not later than 8 October 2010. The present policy is available at all municipal offices and on the municipal web site www.thabazimbi.gov.za

According to the chairman of the Forum, Mr Jan Viljoen, the current dispute was declared due to the fact that the Municipal tax policy does not comply with the requirements prescribed by law.

According to a media release from the office of the Mayor, Mr NL Matlou, the property tax for 2010/11 would not exceed the previous year’s tax by more than 9%. An analysis made by the Forum showed that this information was incorrect as an increase of 28% in income from property tax was approved in the budget.

What happened in practice was that the July Municipal bills showed an increase of between 50% up to 68% in property taxes. This is totally out of context and on the long run unaffordable.

Viljoen said that the Forum will keep the people of Thabazimbi informed about the outcome of the meeting of 13 October. Any further action to be taken will only be decided then.

He also urged property owners to support the Forum in sending information regarding your personal property tax problems to the municipality. If you have any doubt what is expected from you, feel free to liaise with representatives of the Forum.

The following Forum representatives can be contacted: Jan Viljoen (083 325 6057), Gert Snyman(083 295 12840), Riana Bekker (072 671 9710), Tokkie Swanepoel (072 671 9710), Len Scott (083 770 1089), Angie Rheeder (083 655 6785), Philip Nel (083 394 0140) Albert du Buys (083 236 6097) Gert Gouws (082 415 6762) Sam Mumuno (078 465 0526), Stef Swanepoel (082 854 12800) and Sarel Marais (082 708 9120).