Lovelife Game overview and selection

Since its launch in 2000 the Lovelife games has positioned itself as the premier school sport in South Africa. Reaching an unprecedented number of young people with positive lifestyle and healthy sexuality programs. The Lovelife Games is for many young people the highlight of their year. The eleventh Lovelife Games in 2010, will be bigger and better than ever before, and refocus itself on its central aim of HIV-Prevention.

Lovelife-, Sports- and Recreation South Africa have committed to a common goal ensuring a full and vibrant future for all South Africans. Sports is a powerful and exciting way to develop young potential in the youth, and helps equip and strengthen a future society, but at the same time South Africa is facing a devastating HIV/Aids pandemic. Already more than 5 million South Africans are infected with HIV. We cannot focus on sports development in the hope of securing a strong national and sporting future, without addressing the epidemic that is systematically eroding that future.

There are a high number of new infections occuring in the youth between the ages of 15 and 20 years. Reductions in the number of HIV infections in this age group will substantially slow the rate of the epidemic prevention of HIV/Aids and is dependent on safer sexual behaviour, which is influenced by the environment in which students find themselves in and the lifestyles that they adopt.

The Lovelife Games concept projects “Healthy living and Positive Lifestyle activities” was developed to achieve these objectives of Lovelife. Delivered through schools, clubs and communities, the Lovelife Games combines lifestyle activities, sport, recreation, music, arts, debating and motivational development in a lifestyle festival.

Schools and teams quality for the Lovelife Games by participation on community level, leagues and festivals.

Some interesting facts about the Lovelife Games are:

  • All young people between 12 and 20 years can participate in the lovelife games irrespective of whether they are in or out of school.
  • All schools can participate in the games.
  • No participation fee is required.
  • The tournament is open to both primary and secondary school learners.
  • There are 200 district games in 23 Lovelife regions and nine provincial games in nine of South Africa’s provinces.
  • The Lovelife groundbreakers bring motivational and positive lifestyle messages to the youth, in a fun, exciting and friendly manner.
  • A special rule is in place to ensure continued participation of schools from disadvantaged areas, differently abled youth and youth in conflict with the law.

The game activities are as follow:

  • In the sporting codes there will be, soccer, netball, volleyball, basketball and ultimate frisbee.
  • In the Recreational codes the games will consist of drama, poetry, debate, kwasa kwase & kwaito dance, music in the form of choirs & solo artists and ultimate dance.

Interested teams, schools, clubs or individuals meet the following requirements:

  • Age groups of under 13 – 15 with certified birth certificate copies, under 17 – 20 also with certified birth certificate copies.

Selected teams, school, clubs or individuals will complete at the cluster level.

This Lovelife Games will take place at the Regorogile sports grounds on Saturday 17 July at 9:30.

For more information contact T.F. Matjila on 071 522 7313, E. Sokutyifa on 079 375 6138 or Y. Sebolayi on 076 181 1309