Ziets will be pinching and grinding

South Africa’s best loved songstress, actress and chefstress is once again at it in her fantastic Auckland Park boerefusion kuierplek with a delicious menu and a brand new show.
Elzabé Zietsman has made eatertainment her new forte. She cooks then dons a pair of stilettos and then sings…all in the wonderful eclectic comfort of her home. Forever trying to bridge her culinary and musical interests, she is again recreating the classic ‘dinner show’. Making not only good food, but by including a sensational show to the menu, the audience is going to devour it!
Ziets shot to fame in 1995 when she landed a leading role in M-Net’s soapie, EGOLI. As the iron fisted Kay Knobel, but her cabaret shows also continued and during a short run of one of her shows in Windhoek, she was spotted by a musical director urging her to send material to Germany where they were looking for their tile role in EVITA   She performed EVITA during the Summer Festival in Ettlingen in 1996 (in German).  This proved so successful that she was invited back in 1997 to perform the role of Velma in CHICAGO and during 2000 the narrator in CABARET (all in German).  On all these occasions she was allocated solo cabaret shows at the festival which proved extremely popular with the German audiences.
For this new show, called PINCH and GRIND (with a very limited run) Ziets is exploring the wonderful aromatic world of herbs and spices. Men have travelled, as they have lived, for religion, for wealth, for knowledge, for pleasure, for power and the overthrow of rivals. Yet no very profound knowledge is needed to discern the single thread of interest running through all these pilgrimages. The discovery of the new Western World followed, as an incidental consequence, from the long struggle of the nations of Europe for commercial supremacy and control of the traffic with the East. In all these dreams of the politicians and merchants, sailors and geographers, who pushed back the limits of the unknown world, there is the same glitter of gold and precious stones, the same odour of far-fetched herbs and spices. The exact ones we, today, a thousand years later still pinch and grind. Both the cooking and Ziets’ five course menu, as well as the actual show will delve into the mystical and unbelievably diverse world and the fine art of adding flavour to food. Delicate, subtle and fragile but oh so vital!
Elzabé has once again teamed up with writer/ director Wikus du Toit, who was also responsible for her award-nominated performance ‘smallchange’, and together they have created a wonderfully quirky and highly entertaining show that incorporated such diverse angles as the historical spice routes, scientific facts, folklore and boererate.
This fully bilingual show also showcases Zietsman’s fine voice with new renditions of musical classics like Scarborough Fair, Don’t let me be misunderstood, Every time we say goodbye en Your Song.
PINCH and GRIND will be staged on 29 March to 1 April 2006 as well as 26 April to 29 April 2006.
To book – please call Sonnel at on 011-8801027 or e-mail – Sonnel@kookoo.co.za
For more info on Elzabe’s upcoming shows visit her website – www.elzabezietsman.co.za.