Farm attacks still at unacceptable levels

Compared to the figures of last year there is so far this year not any sign of improvement on the situation regarding farm murders. “On the contrary, the situation is even worse than last year,” said Mr Henry Geldenhuys, deputy president of TAU SA and chairman of the Safety Committee.
This does not even include the most recent attack on the farm of Mr Ludwig Pauer in the Lephalale district where the elderly Mr Koos Jonker (79) was murdered in the early hours of Monday morning.
TAU SA released its figures on farm attacks for July and while the number of murders on farms remained the same, there was an incline in farm attacks.
“According to TAU SA’s statistics 42 people were murdered on farms since January this year. Although this is the same figure as in 2013, the attacks on farms increased from 142 in the same period last year to 158 so far this year.
“Once again cases were reported where people were tortured severely during the attacks,” said Geldenhuys. “We are concerned about the fact that the country’s President is abroad raising his voice on the Israel-Palestinian issue, while he keeps silent about the ongoing insecurity in his own country, and in particular on the farms, where the country’s food is produced. Government’s priorities are clearly wrong by trying to get international acknowledgment while the people in his own country are neglected,” said Geldenhuys.
“The climate in the country is still tense. Pamphlets such as those who have been distributed at the Northwest University with a call to kill farmers and their language is creating a highly explosive climate and can lead to even more attacks on farms, while Government is silent on the matter. Farmers have to sharpen up their security measures. Farmers must answer terrorists on their farms with an equal amount of violence as is forced on them,” said Geldenhuys.