Loose what counts at Madame et Monsieur

THABAZIMBI-Estie van der Westhuizen is the proud owner of the 15th branch of Madame et Monsieur in South Africa.  This branch had its grand opening on 14 October 2011.  It is located at shop 9, Medicum Building, Watsonia Street, Thabazimbi.  Christmas/New Year specials are available until 31 January 2012 on the “Electro Slim Technology” as well as on a full set acrylic tips.  Madame et Monsieur also offers a unique treatment called “The Universal Contour Body Wrap.  With this wrap you will get a guaranteed centimeter loss of at least 16 centimeters in 1 treatment.  This treatment also takes about 50% cellulite away.  With the electro slim program you can loose up to 10kg in 4 weeks.  Electro Slim is an exclusive copyrighted custom software program created by Madame et Monsieur that specializes in area-specific body sculpting through the use of skin contact electrodes.  The electrodes deliver waves of pulses with a repetitive variable pulse frequency to specific targeted areas to sculpt and reshape the body.  These pulse waves produce rhytmic and powerful muscle contraction that result in both muscle rehabilitation and rapid fat reduction.  The personalized nutritional program coupled with the passive exercise of particular muscle groups breaks down adipose tissue while simultaneously increasing blood circulation, resulting localized tissue reduction, improved health and longevity.  The recommended treatment is 30 minute sessions 4 times a week.  Electro body sculpting is a doctor recommended therapy (FDA approved equipment) with no side effects, only total health benefits.  It finally eliminates those “hard to reduce trouble spots” and create the body you always wanted with the Electro Slim program by Madame et Monsieur.  The “Universal Contour Wrap” gives you a guaranteed centimeter loss, although there is no weight loss.  It works by osmosis which is the passage of fluids through a membrane or other porous substance.  Osmosis occurs when the sea clay solution draws out the impurities through the pores.  The pressure of the contour wrap and the solution also stimulate the latent toxins in the adipose tissue and they are flushed out through the lymphatic system.  A centimeter loss is achieved through the compacting of the soft tissue and skin tightening.  The treatment takes 2 hours and gives a guaranteed centimeter loss of 16 centimeters with a money back guarantee.  Call Estie at 079 372 1486 or Charlotte on 082 653 4008.  Business hours are Mondays to Fridays from 07:00 till 19:00.  On Saturdays from 07:00 to 13:00.  They will close on 23 December 2011 and open on 3 January 2012.