French Twist for Queen Of Clubs

Minutes after one of South Africa’s most famous lady DJs signed the deal with Citroen for her new sponsored DS3 Sport, the world knew. Thanks to today’s technology, Lady Lea lost no time in posting the news on sites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter . . . and immediately, thousands of fans and friends knew all about it.

She’s “lovin’ the car” and “lovin’ South Africa” at the moment, and who isn’t, what with the football mania that’s coloured our rainbow nation in the most amazing hues recently.

Lady Lea (Lea Barrett) is a promoter, producer and club DJ of international repute, a celebrity not just in SA, but across the world, where she’s played in clubs from Amsterdam to Ibiza, alongside the world’s top disc jockeys.

Here in her own country, she features regularly on TV and radio shows, and is constantly in newspapers and magazines and on websites. She’s chalked up a string of albums along the way, mixing and compiling almost 20 of them, and notched up dozens of international appearances. Oh, and she’s off on another international UK tour later this year.

“She was a natural choice to be our brand ambassador,” says Citroen South Africa. “She also personifies and perfectly fits the profile of our customers: young and successful, their success resulting from their hard work, their daily commitment to give their best in what they do, their honest, down to earth and friendly attitude . . .

“And, of course, Lady Lea has huge status as a celebrity, and is widely associated with the characteristics core to our brand: unique style and a very distinctive personality.”

Which really sums up the sexy DS3. I mean, you can’t get more unique than this . . . it’s funky, it’s fun, it’s classy, it’s distinctive . . . and like Pretoria’s Lady Lea, it ranks alongside the best in the world.

With its trendy, sculptured styling and striking lines, the DS3 boasts enormous appeal. This fabulously different vehicle has a strong personality built on original creations including a “floating” roof, a “shark fin” that lends vigour to the waistline, and recesses on the nose housing LED lights. And let’s not forget, you can choose the colour of the roof, and in fact, create your car in your very own style. Exterior personalisation components, apart from the roof, include the body, rearview mirror housings and wheels.

Check this out, sisters: there’s a range of 11 different body colours, four roof colours (including a funky zebra stripe option), a variety of wheel colours and a whole load of dashboard colour options.

Inside, you get a choice of dashboard strip, gearstick knob and a bunch of other interior equipment with a palette of colours, fabrics and materials.

And the cherry on the top for Lady Lea will be the radical sound system, where she can groove to her favourite funky house music, courtesy of the mindblowing sound system.

To sweeten the pot, by the way, all DS3 models come standard with a three-year/100 000km warranty, four-year/60 000km service plan and three-year roadside assistance.

The perfect set of wheels for this Queen of Clubs – watch out for her latest album, Pioneer DJ Lady Lea, coming soon.