Eskom Food Wastage with Taxpayers Money!

Mr Jan Viljoen, Chairman of TAU SA North, expressed his amazement of what happened at Medupi, the new power station that Eskom is building, when one of the subcontractors from, MPS-JV, said their people are now tired of “trash food”. In reaction to the free meal the workers received every day, they stormed the construction offices and bombarded it with these packages of free food.

Apart from the free food, the thousands of workers at Medupi also receive free accommodation, free transportation and many other benefits.

In the light of 900 000 people that had to vacate their posts last year, wondering where the next meal will comes from, the situation at the plant’s construction should raise concern from the taxpayers.

Villon said his biggest concern is that this behavior can be seen as a good indication of the working culture that exists under Eskom workers.