Merry Christmas from DA Thabazimbi

And so we have come to the end of 2020, a year which has been extremely challenging for everyone.

Covid-19 brought with it so many changes to what we all knew as normal. Many were ill, families lost loved ones, travel restrictions hampered planned holiday and international family visits, businesses bore heavy losses under the restrictions, people lost their jobs and we all as individuals and families had to rise and accept these enormous changes in our lives.

Thabazimbi was not exempt from the effects of Covid-19, as a small Municipality consisting of towns, and various other communities, including our outlying farming and small holding areas we were very aware of the hardships Covid-19 brought to our various communities.

As the caucus leader for the Democratic Alliance in Thabazimbi I would like to commend and thank Thabazimbi residents for their resilience, compassion for one another, and the “never give up” attitude that you have displayed during these trying times.


As we all scale down for the festive period, we wish you all a peaceful and very Blessed Christmas.

Take the memories of those lost and keep them close, celebrate their lives, and enjoy every moment with family and friends during this season.

For those travelling, drive safely and let us all return with renewed energy, motivation and a fundamental desire to make 2021 an awesome year.

Best DA wishes

Cllr Thane Hearne – Caucus Leader Democratic Alliance – Thabazimbi Local Municipality