Obaro Online Shopping launched

Convenient online shopping, anywhere, anytime In a time where online shopping has become the norm, you can literally buy anything you can think of.

However, the truth is that there are still many products that are only available for purchase in store. This changed however with the launch of South Africa’s very first agricultural online retail store – Obaro Online.

Obaro Online’s virtual shelves contain 7 000 products ranging from 16 categories, of which include fire protection, outdoors, irrigation, paint, plumbing and construction. Farmers and city slickers alike can now order their favourite products from the comfort of their own homes and have it delivered to their doorstep.

Say goodbye to long commutes and even longer queues! Shopping with Obaro Online, also means that shoppers can easily find exactly what they are looking for.

No more searching through endless shelves for items that may or may not be in stock. Obaro Online shoppers have the added bonus of linking their Obaro account with their online profile.

This means that account holders can use their available credit for convenient online shopping. “Our main goal is to supply farmers, gardeners and DIY-enthusiasts with a convenient, reliable way to purchase their everyday products,” says Ayesha Vally, the Business Manager of Obaro Online. “That way they can save time and energy for what really matters.” With their focus on variety, quality and fast delivery, Obaro Online, since its launch in January 2017, became the go-to site for farmers, gardeners and DIY-enthusiasts.

Visit www.obaro.co.za to experience convenience at its best