The Obaro livestock improvement and feedlot project

Obaro Project Marketers
(From left to right) Hans Mathabe, Ncebs Lutuli and Tanki Mokoena, Obaro Project Marketers.

A project which has been enjoying more and more attention is the Obaro livestock improvement and feedlot project, run by Tanki Mokoena, Hans Mathabe and Ncebs Lutuli. The project aims to expand the experience and knowledge of emerging farmers around South Africa and focusses on proper livestock production and reproduction practices.

With the Obaro livestock improvement and feedlot project Tanki, Hans and Ncebs provide cluster and one-on-one guidance and training. Farmers are given the knowledge and practical skills to utilize common farming techniques to improve the health and quality of their cattle. Overgrazing, which is a major problem in rural areas, is an example where the Obaro livestock and feedlot project lends practical knowledge and solutions.

The Obaro livestock improvement and feedlot project works closely with local stud breeders, such as Redgate Bonsmaras and Steinfurt Simbra’s, with the aim of encouraging emerging farmers to focus on improving their herd with high quality genes. The project also works in close partnership with the Segwaelane Farmers’ Association and Mme Tshwarane from the Department of Agriculture.

Although the project was impacted by the drought, Tanki, Hans and Ncebs are currently guiding the production of more than 50 cattle with an additional 40 in the pipeline and are helping emerging farmers to prepare for the winter months; vaccinating parasite control and supplementation.

The project has also spread to commercial farms, offering training to farm workers in Middelburg, Lydenburg, Rustenburg and Wonderboom. Tanki, Hans and Ncebs train the workers in animal health, nutrition and practical application skills.

Obaro is excited about expanding the project even further.