Care worker left for Israel

THABAZIMBI – Corban Heyneke, a care worker at the ministry of Bethlehem, left in October to go and work on a dairy farm in Israel.

He is in now in Samar at the Kibbutz, which is South of the Dead Sea in Israel. He has to maintain about 700 cows, milking and feeding. They also farm with dates and sometimes he has to help out with the dates farming. There are also people from Spain, Holland, America, South Africa with him. The Israelis also work on the Kibbutz before joining the army.

As a farewell gift, Pick n Pay gave a huge discount on a cake so that 150 children of the ministry could each receive a piece of cake. They wished him well on his journey and thanked him for his work at the ministry.


Corban Heyneke, a care worker at Bethlehem Place of Bread, left for Israel in October.