My hero – my role model?

Week 9 – 2 March 2012

My hero is Spiderman. I admire him for his guts, his swiftness in fighting crime and his honesty towards himself, his friends and those that he truly loves and the fact that he always cares for the people who are less privileged. I would really love to be like Spiderman and to become the hero that he is to me.

However is it realistic? His superpowers do not really exist in real life. In any case he only got his superpowers by accident and did nothing out of his own to become better than the ordinary people whose lives he influenced.

Can he be my role model? Unfortunately the answer is no. Only real people that set a example through his/her actions, what he/she has achieved in life through hard work and effort and not what was bestowed on him/her, can be a real life role model.

Due to the fact that so many grownups have neglected their parental role, a lot of poorly equipped youngsters have left school with hardly any useable education and half illiterate, on their own to face adult life where they must earn their own income and save money to eventually care for their own families, a stage in their life where they desperately need a role model whom they can look up to, to secure their future.

Instead of focusing on better education to get a qualification in order to secure a better future, there is nothing like “bling” to distract them. Their heroes however also exist in a fake world. These are the young activists, the young people that achieved recognition, fame and wealth without going through the strenuous and disciplined channel of getting a qualification through education.

The reason for this is that the young adults are in very much the same situation as these heroes. Their future also do not include further education, or the overwhelming urge to be prepared to work for virtually nothing in order to get a decent qualification, a qualification that will enable them to earn a decent salary and improve their own living conditions.

The example that is set is that it is alright to enrich oneself through corruption. By showing off their expensive motor vehicles and lavish lifestyle, they become the role models. What youngsters do not realize is that their role models are not going to share his/her wealth or lifestyle with them, and the chance of you changing places with them is zero.

The youngster’s admiration for these heroes and misplacing them as role models shall not alleviate poverty or drop a qualification, that they have not worked for, in their laps.

Life is a reality. Set your scope on a real role model and get going in life. Supporting a hero that is using your backing to enrich himself will get you nowhere.