“The End Is Naai” is Pieter-Dirk Uys’s latest acclaimed one-man satire, which celebrates 10 years of equality and human rights in South Africa will be staged at the Super Bowl on Saturday 5th March 2005 at 20:00. It has been nominated for both a Naledi Award and a Fleur de Cap Award and will open in Australia on a major tour on 8th March – known there as ‘Elections and Erections’. This pageant of political punches focuses on politicians and people, icons and aikonas with humour. As always with his satires, Uys reflects the happenings of the moment, sometimes with shocking, often hilarious results. His acclaimed and funny one-man/six-women onslaught against the fears and expectations that haunt us, will constantly challenge some politicians who will never be the same again. Politicians keep writing Uys his best material. While the reality of a world in turmoil has become an everyday issue, South Africa still has its unique clowns: a Minister of Health who goes from beetroot to potatoes, a Deputy President who is terminally innocent, and a President who has his own entry in the Guinness Book of Records for the most Voyager miles. Mrs Evita Bezuidenhout is joining the PAP – Pan African Parliament – as Head of Catering and intends to serve pap with everything! Robert Mugabe is probably in line for a Nobel Peace Prize, while Osama bin Laden will probably be found in Florida disguised as a Jewish granny in time to boost George W Bush’s war on terror pr. Uys ventures to present a personal vision of the future, tainted by a past, while inspired by the present: a South Africa full of hope and optimism, also unbalanced by too much violence and crime and corruption. But at least a democracy in which everyone can make their voice heard. This revue, featuring a kaleidoscope of South African people and politicians, will allow you to experience Vegetable Diva and Minister of Health Manto, Zulu Princess Nkozosana Zuma, Guru Kadar Asmal, Eternal Mama Winnie, Immortal Tata Nelson, Glorious Tutu and Amazing Grace Mugabe, while finding the telling anagram between Thabo and Botha: The one name can also spell the other! You will know where you stand in this new democracy as ‘The End Is Naai’ puts its tongue firmly in your cheek. Rude, offensive, politically-incorrect, dangerous, real, hopeful, and maybe true. Coming to the Super Bowl for one night only, The End Is Naai comes from acclaimed runs at Spier, The London Comedy Festival and most recently at The Baxter Theatre Cape Town. Pieter-Dirk Uys also returns from a four week season at the American Repertory Theatre Boston and one gala fundraiser on Broadway for the TAC.