Two finalists for Miss Eco from Thabazimbi

THABAZIMBI – Two Iron Models from Thabazimbi, have been chosen as finalists for the Miss Eco South Africa competition. Delmari Fourie and Dajana Rijetkovic entered the first round of the competition which was a photo judging round, whereby the contestants had to send a full length and head and shoulder photo with a filled out questionnaire form about themselves and their goals etc.

It is amazing to know that two girls from a small town are spreading their wings wide and are not only representing South Africa but Thabazimbi as well. Let us support them when in need so we can lead them closer to their goals.

Out of all the contestants entering in the whole of South Africa, only 15 finalists were chosen by the judges to be seen as potential candidates to become Miss Eco SA. The winner of Miss Eco SA will be travelling to Egypt to represent South Africa in the Miss Eco International, whereby around over 50 countries will be competing for the title. Being a finalist each lady must do 2 eco projects that count towards their marks for the final gala event.

The finalist must also raise funds minimum of R3000 each. On the final gala event each finalist will be walking in a bikini, evening and eco-dress made out of completely recyclable or reusable items, they will be interviewed by a professional panel of judges, do a photographic shoot and they will also need to perform a talent of their choice. There will also be a Miss Debutante for the finalist who fundraised the most money.
As being Miss Eco South Africa finalists, Delmari & Dajana must do atleast two ECO projects regarding the competition. ”As our first ECO project we have decided on cleaning up our town with the help of the community.”

Regarding the Eco Projects, Delmari and Dajana have decided on a Community Cleanup Project (Keeping Thabazimbi Beautiful) which will be happening the 21st August. It is a project they believe can be educational and uplifting to our community, letting people know that for our Thabazimbi town to look beautiful we need to take care of it.

In between they are busy doing small fundraising projects to raise funds and also looking for sponsors to help them reach their goal. The community will meet at a gathering point, where they will discuss a bit about ECO friendliness and going green. After that they will split up into teams and go separate directions to clean up our town. Each person will be handed a plastic bag and be given a certain type of material to pick up. Volunteers will be picking up materials in a recycling matter. Paper, Glass, Plastic and Metals must be collected in separate bags.

Each person who has volunteered to help clean the community will receive a volunteer certificate. “It is a big competition with lots of demands, keeping up with it is not easy, but the journey of the whole competition is inspirational and educational with a good cause, which makes it wonderful to be part of” said Dajana Rijetkovic.

If you are interested in joining this community clean up, please send your name and surname with cellphone number to Dajana: 079 543 8500 or send an e-mail to