Winter Sun Winners

22-Blomme bedding

We know, it’s cold, and there’s little else to dwell on. But what if we told you that it’s the perfect time to nurture two winter sun-loving plants that will brighten your beds and bouquets? Poppies and stocks, our winter winners, thrive in a cooler climate and love basking in mild winter sunshine. Picture the fresh fragrant mornings to come, infused with the heady scent and uplifting colours of your winter investment.

These blooming buddies, reminiscent of a traditional Victorian country garden, stand upright and create troves of colour amongst what could otherwise be drab winter green foliage. Both flowers are popular with florists, and picking for the vase only encourages further blooms to sprout from your plants. The poppy’s bold colours that come in all shades of an African sunset, as well as an elegant pure white variety, are complemented by the creamy pinks and lavenders of the stocks.