The Good Story – Comment published in Kwêvoël 11 November 2015

The following Comment was published nearly four years ago – Still no good news about bringing back Thabazimbi’s own local “Dorpsfees” as envisaged at that time.

What we have learned is that it is up to the whole community to put their shoulder to the wheel, and not a few individuals or institutes whose main aim is to make money for themselves, taking from the community without investing back in to the community to boost the economic hub of our town. This has already lead to the closure of Kwêvoël as printed newspaper as well as a few butcheries just to name a few.

Unfortunately, a very well organised and viable opportunity went down the drain – this is before Zuma’s State Capture with the Gupta family was exposed.

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Reporting on the daily news is seldom “good news”. However, Kwêvoël, being a community paper has many good things to report. Unfortunately the “bad things” override the “good news”, like the fact that we, the ratepayers of Thabazimbi, have to pay the salaries of all the corrupt ANC cadre appointments who are sitting at home with full salaries and benefits, while awaiting internal hearings. Hearings which are forever postponed to a later date because the ANC ruled Council of Thabazimbi, under leadership of the (executive) Mayor, does not even hold full council meetings and do not part of negative forensic reports. All inhabitants of Thabazimbi should realise that she is not an executive mayor, but just a Cadre appointment made by the ANC. An appointment which led to a bankrupt Thabazimbi municipality.

Good news would be that Zuma is prepared to hit hard on corruption by firing corrupt ministers and cadre appointments and use all that stolen money to provide free education to all, as he promised with his election speeches, and that of the ANC ruling party. He is not going to do that because he wants to enlarge the already top-heavy civil services as well as to give them a 10% raise in salary because of all the good work they are doing?!

Unfortunately, the ANC left a bigger “lost” uneducated generation than ever before and there is no way that he, and neither the ANC, can commit themselves to this referendum farce. There is no time left to achieve this. There is also no money budgeted for this. In fact there is no money – the ANC has left South Africa bankrupt. “Bless them all”.

It is now the case of everybody for themselves. This country is bankrupt. There is no money to realise all the promises that were uttered at the poling stations. There is no money because of all the fraudulent deals, of which the latest being the multiple atom reactor driven electric power stations contract with Russia. This while we in South Africa have abundant amounts of natural resources like the sun and the wind to supply enough energy without coal. Coal has seemingly become the way of enriching those close to the King. Sorry I meant “His Royalty, The President of South Africa”.

The good news for this last week is the fact that Thabazimbi is fighting back to place the town, notwithstanding the poor performance of the TLM, as the ‘Kuier-plek” in Limpopo, with its exclusive first “Craft Beer Fest” in Limpopo that was held as the “Thabazimbi Oktober Fees” last Saturday.
Not only will this Fest boost the local economy, but will also enhance local tourism and support facilities like the cultural village left by Kumba at the entrance of the town, offering the good news that the people of Thabazimbi, not the executive mayor and her pack of ANC puppets, are willing to put shoulder to the wheel and do something to help this town get back on track.

Those who rather opt for marching, please do not stop at the municipal doors. Support the institutions to lift the so called municipal leaders out of their seats by demanding “We want our money back”. Money which disappeared in the system and cannot be accounted for. This can be done by casting your vote in favour of those who can lead.

The ANC has shown they cannot keep their promises. Make sure that your candidate has the skills required to be part of the municipal council and forget about populist promises.

Just get involved with the doings of the local societies, and you do not have to rely on a dysfunctional Local Municipality to run this town.
Together we shall overcome.