Fire Truck issued to the Rooiberg Bewaria

Sector Rooiberg Fire Protection Association (RFPA) received a boost in their effort to curb veld fires during the winter season which is known as the fire hazard season.

14 Jun ROOIBERG FIRE TRUCK 1The administrative Assistant of Rooiberg Working on Fire (RWoF), Annelie Becker of the Rooiberg Bewaria, said that they are proud to announce that the WoF Rooiberg team have been issued with a 3000lt, 23 seater crew carrier Fire Truck (code FT46) with 4 high pressure water hoses and a top high range pressure hose (PTO) – pics attached.

14 Jun ROOIBERG FIRE TRUCK 3Their thanks and appreciation goes to WoF Management for this valuable asset which will surely make a huge impact in our quest to fight fires effectively.

The Rooiberg Bewaria can be reached by tel: 014 734 1734 (Business Hours) or
Cell: 072 239 2742 (24-Hour Emergency)

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