Hope really does begin with you!

The Sunflower Fund offers heartfelt thanks to everyone, both individuals and corporates, who bought their Sunflower Tope and wore it with pride on Sunflower Day – Friday 16th September – to show their support for patients suffering from chronic blood conditions like leukaemia.

A very special thanks to the schools, from all over the country, who took part in our Sunflower Day Schools Competition. We have seen some amazing photographs. The winning schools will be announced on 12 October.

By wearing your Tope, you have honoured the lives lost and celebrating the lives saved. Thank you for helping The Sunflower Fund continue in its journey, to beat the odds and save more lives.

“We would also like to give a huge shout out to those of you who went searching for Topes and couldn’t find because they had sold out! Watch this space for our campaign next year as it will be bigger and better.”

Funds raised from the sale of Topes will go towards educating, recruiting and testing new donors to join the South African Bone Marrow Registry. The more donors on the Registry, the faster these matches can be found and the more lives can be saved.

Sunflower Day, the rejuvenated version of Bandana Day, is The Sunflower Fund’s largest fundraising campaign of the year and the backing of both South Africans and Namibians have ensured a very successful campaign. Special thanks go to sponsors, patrons, ambassadors and supporters.

Every year thousands of South Africans of all ages and races are diagnosed with diseases such as leukaemia, aplastic anaemia, or rare genetic disorders. At a point in their illness, their only hope of survival is a stem cell transplant from a donor who shares the same tissue type. Without this transplant, it would mean certain death. It all depends on the selflessness of ordinary people like you … YOU could be the MATCH for someone with leukaemia or other life threatening blood disorders.

Become a donor and offer Hope to someone’s parent, someone’s child, friend or colleague and give someone a future and the Gift of Life. Please call today, you could save a life.
For more information on The Sunflower Fund and how to become a donor, please phone toll free 0800 12 10 82 or +27 21 701-0661 or visit www.sunflowerfund.org.za.