Limpopo farmer shot in attack


BELA BELA – Police are investigating a case of attempted murder and house robbery after a Bela Bela farmer was wounded in the shoulder by two armed attackers on Saturday afternoon.

The attack occurred at 1pm on a plot about 10km outside Bela Bela, Colonel Ronel Otto said.

Two unknown men attacked the 69-year-old farmer while he was working outside the house fixing a drain, she said.

One of the suspects pointed a firearm at him and a scuffle ensued. In the process, a shot went off and the farmer was wounded in the right shoulder.

The farmer’s wife apparently heard the shot and took her own firearm to go and investigate.

“As she was about to exit the house, the farmer shouted to her to lock the house,” said Otto.

“She saw one man dressed in green overalls with a firearm in his hand.”

The attackers fled and the wounded farmer was taken to hospital. Only a cellphone was stolen, Otto said.