The good message

Most of the towns in South Africa are stuck with a malfunctioned municipality, incompetent Municipal managers, incompetent Mayors an above all, incompetent councilors, some totally illiterate. In fact all councilors and municipal executives should have a business background as they are running the biggest business in town as far as the local ratepayers are concerned. You cannot put a imbesiel in any of those positions.
The good news is not about your conscience of not placing your tenth in the plate to sooth your guilty soul, but the fact that South Africa is still governed by a political party who did it the democratic way. One-man-one-vote. It does not matter whether our president is a involved in a polygamous relationship with multiple wives, the latest being the daughter of one of his friends, or which race the ruling party chooses to classify you in order to keep racism alive, but the fact that we have a municipal election coming this year where you can cast your vote to realise a better future for your kids.
Are you going to settle for tradition rather than culture? The way students are protesting about university fees is a very good indication that they would rather prefer the culture of learning above following tradition. Tradition is the thing that bars some Muslim females their human rights, the cause the Islamic State is fighting for. Keep the women pregnant without any human rights, thereby forcing them accept their tradition, leaning strongly on their religion as part of their culture. They even abduct school girls to rape them in order to bring up children to be brainwashed in the way they interpret the Koran.
The white male kids from the age of 16 or older, in South Africa went through the same basic brainwashing when, under the government of PW Botha as Defence Minister, were called up for national service to fight a war on the ground, while the politicians sat around a table drinking coffee and sometimes something better, like brandy and Coke.
The same thing is happening at this stage. The younger people after born after 1975 and those who was born after the ANC came to power, want to study and develop this country. Unfortunately the ANC does not like this at all as it interferes with their racial classification system where work reservation is based on race and quotas interfering on all spheres of society.
Parents should not just sit back and not getting involved with their offspring’s life. Rather teach them the facts and show the reality of those who chose to drop out of school, either by drug abuse or getting pregnant in order to claim a welfare allowance from the government. Most of this money is spent on themselves, boyfriends, etc with very few being spent on the upbringing of the child. This is mainly left in the hands of either the grandparents or an aunt.
Teach your children from a young age that the only way to making a decent living is to study or get qualified in especially technical subjects.
Not al pupils are university material. Rather obtain a college education or train through an apprenticeship in order to learn a new skill. South Africa needs you badly.
Teachers waste the pupils time by attendance rates in the order 45%. For every 6 hours every day of teaching, most of the pupils in the township schools receive only 3 hours as teachers are just absent, on strike or attending meetings enforced by the dysfunctional Departments of Education. If you look at the parents involvement in the schools with the highest pass rates and compare it to schools who underperform, you will see where the patents rely on government and teachers to bring up their kids for them.
Get involved right now in your child’s life, especially if he/she has finished school and cannot get a job, by encouraging him/her to go out and earn a salary, even if it is below the minimum wage. A lot of firms are willing to train youngsters, but can not do it at the salaries they demand. The sooner you as parent help him to better himself, the sooner he will be out of your home caring for his own family. Help him by not contributing in the same way as a tenant. Let them pay back with simple chores in and around the house, even preparing the main meal and looking after the younger siblings, should both of the parents work.
This is why it is wise to limit the size of your family to a size you can afford and manage. Let your husband go for a vasectomy or in the case of women sterilization if you do not want to be burdened by upbringing another child in an already overcrowded household. Do not let tradition keep you from doing this. Think about adding to your culture by empowering your children through higher education.
Release your educated children from your home and let them spread their wings over the facilities which provide higher education by using it, not abuse it like we have seen with the #Feesmustfall protests.
Do you really want to support your kid and their kids born out of wedlock the rest of your life. What are they going to do when you lose your job or die?
That is correct, vote again and again for the ANC who has through corruption and by stealing the funds intended to better your life, stolen your future from you.

Comment by Pieter Coetzee – Editor