Refilling of the Thabazimbi Reservoirs

Please note that the upgrading of the reservoirs have been completed. Thabazimbi Local Municipality will pump water directly into these 6 reservoirs (TBZ town x 5 and Regorogile x 1) from the 22nd January 2016.
Thabazimbi Local Municipality is currently getting approximately 4.4ML/day from Magalies Water instead of 7ML/day due to bulk water supply constraints in the Northern region of the Magalies Water Scheme.
Due to shortage of water supply from Magalies Water it will take approximately 12 hours to fill the 4 x 2.3ML Reservoirs, 12 hours to fill the 1 x 4.5ML Reservoir (Thabazimbi Town) and 8 hours to fill the 1 x 3.5ML Reservoir (Regorogile).
Find herewith the schedule which Thabazimbi Local Municipality will be using to fill up these reservoirs:
Thabazimbi Town
4 x 2.3ML Reservoirs
22 January 2016 07:00 – 19:00
1 x 4.5ML Reservoir
23 January 2016 07:00 – 19:00
1 x 3.5ML Reservoir
24 January 2016 06:00 – 14:00
Please note that during this time the water will be pumped directly into the reservoirs resulting in water supply interruptions as per the schedule.
You are therefore advised to store water in containers during the water supply interruptions.
Thabazimbi Local Municipality will send a full schedule for the whole year during which the water supply will be interrupted to fill up the reservoirs.
The purpose of filling up the reservoirs is to ensure that all the extensions in Thabazimbi town and Regorogile get uninterrupted water supply for at least 8 hours in a day.
Your co-operation will be appreciated.