One Party Rule

With the heads of Denel and the South African Air Force declaring that there is a desperate need to fly the president and ministers on a regular basis all over the world, indeed give body to rumours that there is truth in the R4 Billion deal that is considered in obtaining the Airbus A340 for the president’s exclusive use.
Inkwazi, the presidential Jet, is next to Air Force One, the presidential Aircraft of the President of the United States, the second largest presidential aircraft used by Statesmen. Statesmen in other countries use business Jets as their personal ministerial or presidential executive aircraft.
Now Zuma wants a bigger one, most probably exceeding Air Force One in luxury and other facilities, a clear indication that Zuma is well on his way not o only be number one in the ANC but as dictator, place him in the ultimate ruler of a communistic country.
He has already stated that the ANC and its demands are more imported than ruling South Africa to benefit the people. This is exactly the way communism works. More for the rulers and a police state with no human rights for the people.
No more strikes will be allowed with the ANC backed Police and Military forces clamping down on any riots, protests or opposition parties. In fact no opposition party will be allowed.
Zuma’s strive to call out Communist Rule in South Africa has not died. If he can’t succeed in this, he will definitely try to declare himself King and sole leader without opposition in South Africa, where he as Number One comes first.
That would be quite fine if he goes back to the tribal way of living his forefathers were used to before making contact with the developed nations from Europe. Unfortunately he wants that way of living, but with all the luxuries of the modern world brought to him by democracy. Stealing it from the ratepayers in order to keep up this luxurious lifestyle.
This is one reason for allowing the educational system to be reduced to one of the worst in the entire world. With nobody that might be more clever than he, his position might be threatened. Actually he is rejoicing about the fact that universities are getting uncontrollable. Place for free thinking does not exist in the mind of Jacob Zuma.
Thabazimbi Municipality is one of the best examples of a leader who just wants to be a populist rich man and not take responsibility of the poor leadership he deployed through ANC Cadres right across civil and local government levels in South Africa.