Displaced students

The why question has been raised a few times since the ANC came to power in South Africa.
First of all:
Is the communist ideal still the main drive of the ruling party?
Why did South Africa all of a sudden experience, a squatter problem at most rural towns?
There is no way that so many farmers could have chased their black workers away from the farms. This is not quite like the de-population of the rural areas when white people moved to the cities during the early sixties because of a devastating drought. They did not have the means to survive on their farms and moved to wherever they could find a better life for them and their families. They succeeded because they were literate as well as being used to work with their hands. This contributed to be able to do the switch from farmer to miner.
The squatter camps were the direct results of overrunning this country with as many foreigners from the North, outside South Africa’s borders by opening the borders to black comrades just before the general election which was won by the ANC. Because of this South Africa is likely to have about 40 million more citizens than which are stated by the census, causing the explosion of squatter camps within the boarders of our main cities.
Why do we have the worst education system in the whole of Africa?
This while the biggest portion of the government’s budget is allocated to education.
Why do patients have to wait for medicine and operations in state controlled hospitals while the budgets of all state hospitals are based on the same budget as the budget private hospitals work on?
Why were all the training colleges closed?
This include the training of teachers at the Teaching Colleges. Schools now have to take the responsibility to train their own teachers. Why did they stop the system of apprenticeship, not allowing businesses to deduct the cost of training from their taxable income but insisting on businesses to pay their employee in training sufficient salaries to cover the training costs as well as a salary to survive. This all means more tax-income to the government. SETA means nothing to the small business operator and more and more demands are set by SETA in order to be compensated small business operators for their effort to supply training.
Why did the ANC insist on pupils obtaining a university degree?
The answer to this is easy. By overflowing university capacities with students that should rather have entered a college to learn technical skills, they put a stop to free thinking university education in order to implement their basic rule of communism – keep the masses uneducated in order for the communist regime to operate successfully.
Why are they succeeding in their object?
Easy – just look at the riots involving university students all over South Africa, seeing students which are obviously no university material. Students that attend “Universities” just to fill the quota in order to obtain an ever reducing government grant. Just watch TV and you will be able to identify them. These displaced students are those who are involved in turning a peaceful demonstration into one where the police force have to be called in to use force to disperse the protesting crowds.
They truly believe that only by obtaining an university degree, they can reach their goal.
Meantime more than 80 % of these misplaced students fail to obtain a degree.
Set your goals but surely, do get an other education than just a matric certificate. Enrol at some or other college or take on a job. A job through which you can obtain technical training, or any other where you do not have to attend a n university
Why does the ANC insist on obtaining an university degree?
Only one reason: Look at the cabinet and identify all the ministers with strong communist connections, including our own President.
Do you want to be part of the people ruling this country to help you to fulfil your dreams, or do you prefer a communist rule who’s main object is to rule the people, trampling your dreams? Unfortunately, free education in Africa goes hand in hand with indoctrination which seldom is to the benefit of the citizens.
Get educated but do not rely on the ANC to do it for you. You will end up with a degree which is worthless in enhancing your future dreams.

Comment by Pieter Coetzee – Editor: Kwêvoël