When your title drops you

When national level media write about the abuse and dishonesty with rate payers’ money in a specific municipality being involved, it points to gross corruption and incompetent management, as is the case with the Thabazimbi Local Municipality.
Cornelius Booysen was appointed as the acting Municipal Manager after “Advocate” Edward Ntsoane, the official Municipal Manager, was put on paid leave due to the fact that he, Ntsoane, apparently did not follow the correct procedures in the allocation of tenders – a typical ANC loophole abused by the ANC government in all the ANC cadre driven municipalities, to create riches for themselves, their friends and families. As far as known, there a still a few skeletons rattling in the municipal closet which have to be explained.
First of all. The title used by this Ntsoane “Advocate”, is not a title like Dr, Professor or any related professional title. The closest it comes to this is that maybe his mother registered him with this name. With President Obama’s visit to Africa during this month, names like “Barack Obama” and even “Air Force One Barack Obama” popped up in the registry of names for babies born during his visit. For more information on the use of titles see http://www.formsofaddress.info/attorney.html (Whikipedia)
The requirements to enter private practice as advocates (Junior Counsel) are to hold the LL.B. degree, and to become a member of a Bar Association by undergoing a period of training (pupilage) for one year with a practicing Advocate, and to sit an admission examination. See Legal education in South Africa.
Was this qualification ever checked by the TLM?
On the recommendation of the Bar Councils, an advocate “of proven experience and skill” with at least ten years experience, may be appointed by the President of South Africa as a Senior Counsel (SC; also referred to as a “silk”). When a junior advocate is viewed in the eyes of any particular Senior Counsel (Silk) as having commended him or herself in the profession so as to warrant recognition for excellence, he or she is commonly rewarded with a traditional gift of a red brief bag. Was this checked?
State advocates act as public prosecutor in High Court matters, typically in cases requiring preparation and research. They are appointed by the National Prosecuting Authority and are attached to the Office of the National Director of Public Prosecutions. There is no mentioning of honouring the title of “Advocate” in civil life.
If this should carry on, we might end up with titles like: “Her Majesty – The Queen – The Mayor of Thabazimbi Local Municipality”. If this was reality, the tourists would rush to Thabazimbi to see the Queen. The financial income generated by this tourist attraction would at least cover the cost of her outfits and the salary of the chauffer driving her overpriced coach.
For how much longer is the TLB willing to carry on with this looting of income supposed to go towards Eskom for the supply of electricity and the supply of water from Magalies. You, the voter, must decide to bring an end to this provocative and openly corrupted way of spending the money by councillors and municipal officials on themselves. Money that should have been applied in providing services.
Burning down local facilities or throwing stones is not the solution. Your vote for a better future lies in your hands. Just cast your vote in the next Municipal Election for the candidate you recon will be the best to take your needs in considerations.