An the King laughed

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
Couldn’t put Humpty together again . . . .
and the King just laughed.

With 61500 people being retrenched and thousands more employees having to face losing their jobs, the President, His Honourable Jacob Zuma, acts like a “self declared king of the Zulu Nation and South Africa”, just laughs at all the negative comments made in Parliament against him and his ANC government, while his ANC cadre rapes this land of all its natural resources and destroying the infrastructure that was build up over the past 350 years. It was about the same time ago that the mighty Zulu Nation crossed the Zambesi River on its destructive way to the South.
This “happy” nation encountered quite a number of smaller tribes on their way, which they massacred, sparing only the young men and women, which they initiated to become part of the Zulu nation. The elderly and babies where executed on the spot. So much for Zuma’s and Mugabe’s declaration that all the black tribes lived happily together in this part of Africa before the whites interfered.
One of these tribes decided rather to join the mighty Zulu nation under command of Chaka Zulu. Silkaats, also known as Mzilikazi, son of Matsjobana, leader of the small Khoemalo-tribe, who was wedged in between the Ndwandwes and Mthetwas tribes in Zululand. Matsjobana however died in a war against the Soeiti tribe. The grandfather of Silkaats, Zwide of the Ndwandwes tribe, appointed him to lead his tribe in the place of his deceased father. Silkaats knew that his father was murdered by his grandfather, Zwide, and fearing that this might also become his fate, he decided to join Chaka. During1819 Zwide had to flee to the far North under pressure from Chaka’s impis.
During a mission to get rid of the Sotho tribesman Ranisi, Silikaats took all the women and cattle looted, for himself. Chaka found out about this and sent his impis to kill all the women, upon which Silkaats killed all the Zulu impis involved in this massacre.
This was without the intervention of the white people. From where the accusation that the black tribes lived in harmony until the white people “invaded” Africa. This being echoed by Mugabe from Zimbabwe, who rules most of the black tribes who, under the command of Silkaats, fled to Botswana and Zimbabwe, being driven by the Zulu tribes who retaliated against them.
The white people only settled in these parts following the Great Trek which started in 1838 from the Cape Province.
So it seams that the South African economy, represented by Humpty Dumpty, is slipping from the wall, and falling fast. Add to this, the only blame that the ANC can find to its failure in building a nation without any education, remains apartheid. There is no way that the ANC and their cadre can put the loss in work opportunities, as well as the destruction of the infrastructure which existed before they became the ruling party, together again.
Ensure that you vote for a better South Africa in all coming elections before we once again become the victims of tribal wars.