Eskom: Whom it may concern

Your announced schedule of supplying electricity to the Thabazimbi Local Municipality, as published in Kwêvoël dated 3 July 2015, will have disastrous consequences on this very same newspaper you placed the announcement. The deadline for Comments was set for 3 August, but I actually do not think it bothers you, as you as part of the ruling party have made your decision.
My firm, Moredou Printers and Kwêvoël (now operating for 32 years), rely heavily on the steady power supply we had, before Eskom started with their load shedding. When load shedding happened the first time I did not have a generator and had to buy one with my limited income. This was however just big enough to supply my computers for doing the prep work and lay out.
I am one of few publishers in this country who still print my newspaper self. I am far from the metropolises and there is now way that I can pop around the corner to have it printed by one of the big printers.
I have been doing this for the last 32 years until Eskom decided to put my business in jeopardy by limiting my working hours.
To be able to produce the local newspaper weekly for Thabazimbi, including all the mining towns within the TLM boarders, I have two Heidelberg Kord Printing presses, both of which require three phase electricity supply.
The people you will harm most are my printing press operators, both of them black and earning competitive salaries for the rural area we find ourselves in. Salaries which are more than four times the minimum salaries required and matching the salaries of my white staff, one of which has an in-depth knowledge of Pastel and the other has a degree in communication, earns. I have trained the two press operators myself without compensation from the government. If they should lose their jobs due to your actions, they do not have the “papers” to carry on at another printing shop. The main reason: There are not many printing shops left as the ANC has killed South Africa’s manufacturing industry.
Since the mines do not offer any everlasting security as they are dependant on mineral resources which get depleted (Kumba closing down their mining activities in Thabazimbi is a good example of this). Five years ago I started a micro beer brewing as well as a restaurant to fit into the tourism potential this part of South Africa offers, thereby creating more job opportunities, should the mining section go down. My brewing kettles as well as the compressor that cools the fermenting liquor at a constant level are all three phase driven.
Each batch is cooked in the kettles with hops being added at specific times during this boiling process to produce the required batch of bear. If this process is interrupted by your load shedding, or what you call, regulated interruption of power supply, or whatever you want to call it, the whole batch is spoiled and has to be thrown away.
I also rely on power supply to transfer the warm liquid to the fermenting barrel. This whole brewing process takes about 9 hours. Any power loss during that time will lead to the batch being ruined.
So carry on if you want to get rid of all the businesses in Thabazimbi because I am not the only one that will have to close down.
Rather get your President to fire the whole TLM and get competent people to do the job and do not steal the money we pay them for Eskom power. This TLM use this income to pay their workers and are driving grand cars, in the meantime filling their pockets with our hard earned cash.
My accounts are paid on time. If TLM has a problem paying you, get an court order on TLM executives’ salaries to get your money back, starting at the Mayor and the Municipal Manager and the rest of the ANC’s cadre. Go to and see what happens in the towns where the ANC cadre rules.
You are killing the duck who lays the golden eggs for you.
Rather get the government to stand in for the losses you experience because of malfunctioning and corrupt government systems (Municipalities) entrusted upon the people who provide work for the masses. Or is your Finance department also malfunctioning because they could not stop these accounts of Municipalities before reaching the levels they did.

Pieter Coetzee – Owner: Moredou Drukkers/Kwêvoël/Dewside Brewery and Restaurant.
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