Medivet Dierekliniek en Wilddienste Thabazimbi

German shephard dog laying
German shephard dog laying

Symptoms of dog poisoning can include any combination of the following:
Loss of appetite: A change in a dog’s eating habits is usually the first signal for many illnesses.
Drooling: This is typically a sign of nausea.Vomiting: This can occur with or without the presence of blood since some toxins such as the rat poison Warfarin produce internal bleeding.
Diarrhea: This can occur with or without bleeding for the same reason listed above.
Rash or irritation at the contact site: This typically occurs when a toxin has entered the bloodstream via the skin.
Lethargy: This can be due to the general ill-effects of the toxin, but it might also be a sign that the toxin is affecting the heart muscle.
Loss of coordination: This symptom is typically an indication that the brain has been affected.
Tremors/seizures: This can be further sign of the brain’s involvement with the toxin.
Labored breathing: Slowed heart function can cause a build up of fluid in the lungs that leads to breathing difficulty.
Sensitivity to light: Some poisons can make a dog photo-sensitive.
Onset of organ failure: Kidneys, liver, heart and other organs may begin to shut down as the toxin takes full effect.
Loss of consciousnessNon-responsive behavior: The dog may remain conscious, yet not appear to see or hear anything going on around him.
Coma: This is a most serious sign that could signal death is imminent.
Death: This is the last and final stage of a fatal poisoning.