Kommentaar op Kwêla uitsending

Kwela 2011 title card
Na aanleiding van die kommentaar wat Woensdagaand op Kwêla gelewer is tydens die insetsel waartydens Thabazimbi as die Kwêla Limpopo Dorp van die Jaar bekendgestel is, aangaande die sluiting van die Thabazimbimyn, het Kwêvoël direk gaan navrae doen en die volgende is die Media vrystelling wat Kumba Iron Ore, Corporate Office deurgestuur het.

Thabazimbi Mine: operational efficiencies to be increased

Kumba Iron Ore, a business unit of Anglo American faces much lower iron ore prices because of structural changes in the global iron ore industry. This means that the company needs to adapt the business to be able to continue operating effectively in the long term. To achieve this, the company has to reduce costs and increase operational efficiencies.
The company reduced the head office workforce by 40% and is currently reconsidering the extent of support services at operations. The work on reconfiguration at Thabazimbi continues but is impacted by the current price environment. The low grade project has been suspended and the future of the mine is under consideration, however Kumba is still engaging various stakeholders and no decision has been made. Unfortunately, the views aired on Kwela were completely independent and were not consulted with Kumba for verification.
In order to uphold our business integrity and to show care and respect for our employees and the community in which we operate, I would caution against any speculation regarding the future of Thabazimbi mine until we can officially issue a statement when we know of a decision.

Ghrethna Kruger: Specialist Communication