Tradition vs Culture

It just seems that the people of South Africa cannot break away from expressing their tradition as a culture unique to them.
Before the invasion of Christianity in Africa, apart from the Muslim religion that already existed in the Arab nations who settled in Africa, the people of Africa prayed to their ancestors, and still do. Not withstanding this, the Gospel Churches who had their origin in the America’s, grew in Africa and has become a tradition of many black people to join these noisy, self made Ministries of the Charismatic Christian churches. Abiding their forefathers’ spirits has taken somewhat of a back seat.
At many of these churches demons are extorted at a rate higher than that of the rise in the petrol price, and the money keeps rolling in.
This just shows that tradition, the basis of culture, can be changed.
Then why is polygamy, the tradition of having more than one wife, being regarded by the President of South Africa as being part of his culture and not as a Zulu Tradition.
A culture can only grow by education. Having more than one wife should educate you that your domestic problems will increase at a higher rate with the increase of women you have to please, and still giving proper parental guidance as the farther of your children you conceived.
For the king, ie, the President of our nation, that is no problem. Use income tax money to provide for this sexual fantasy of frolicking even with your best friend’s daughter and take her as your wife when she succeeds in bearing more children for you.
The one advantage is that very time you have to go overseas, you have a choice of which wife will fit the occasion the best.
This is not tradition but sexual abuse. The female that has to enhance you as their “Man” will be chosen. In a ever growing cultural environment, there is no place for traditional habits that dampers. Tradition has to make way for culture, because culture can only grow through education. If not, the nation where tradition is regarded higher than culture, is doomed to be sucked into conflicting cultures.
In the meantime it deprives the poor from a right full way of escaping their poverty – just because the “King rules”.
We have yet another lost generation on our hands who does not qualify for training as the ANC has closed all training facilities. In stead of training the youngsters to become financial independent, they grant them child allowances for every child they bear. This does not only take them out of the education system, but make them more dependant on the state for the food they eat..
This system is bound to crash soon as the manufacturing industry, which is supposed to create jobs for trained people, cannot support the ANC’s hunger for money and power for much longer, and the complete lack of skilled workers.
Investors are shy to get involved in the manufacturing sector and are drawing out of South Africa to invest in countries that will give them a better deal for the money they are willing to invest.