R120 Million bribe – Did Oliphant forget?

Excuses that the R123 000 000 that was paid to Jack Warner, formerly Vice president of the International Soccer Federation (Fifa), was done by the South African Football Association (Safa) with the consent of the South African government, in support of promoting Soccer in the Caribbean Isles, is riding on thin ice. This includes the official statement that payment was only made in three payments during 2014, after the 2010 World Soccer Tournament was held in South Africa. No dates can be supplied because they all lie about it.
According to an independent forensic advisor, who disclosed that this evidence came to light in a letter dated 4 March 2008 where Molefi Oliphant, then President of Safa, stated that the South African government agreed to this payment.
Warner is now the main suspect in a greater bribery scandal that has developed over the past two week. This might even be classified as a corruption offence. Another colour, apart from Black and White, has been added to our Rainbow Nation. This colour is called Corruption.
It seem as if Africa cannot survive on its own unless there is corrupt politicians making decisions about how they make donations using our taxpayer’s money. This starts at the top with the most corrupt President this country ever had. He hands out golden handshakes worth tens of million rand to get rid of the whistle blowers, and spends lots of tax money on his own luxury home. Money that could have been spend on the lost youth who have to struggle to get decent education. The ANC still blame this on apartheid instead of on their own lust for money and power.
The paper this newspaper is printed on is not available anymore in South Africa where it was produced at Sappi and Mondi paper mills. At this stage the paper suppliers are waiting for the imported paper as there is no local producer for flat sheet paper anymore, due to Black Economic Empowerment.
The more money the ANC spend on empowering the black people, the more money lands in the pockets of the corrupt president, his ministers as well as provincial- and local governments.
Nothing is invested in South Africa to relieve the poor from their misery. Al the money they receive through corrupt deals is spent on their families, their friends with contacts and all the corrupt contractors and advisors.
Why did the ANC decide to rather give a poor Caribbean kid, because he is from African decent, the chance to play soccer, than investing in the local poor black kids in terms of education and health.
At least the world has taken notice of the corruption within a prestige Events organiser like Fifa, where the Amarican FBI expose the corruption we have to deal with in South Africa. Let the people from Germany, or where ever, invest in deals like the toll-system, realise that not all deals in Africa is concluded with a bribe. Let them write off the money invested in their bad projects. Let them suffer because they think that you can bribe any African leader (unfortunately true).
The tax payers of South Africa have had it with corruption and no delivery of any service, local and national. The ANC at least owe it to those who voted for them.