THABAZIMBI – The Chairpersons Forum of Thabazimbi has submitted an notice of no confidence to the Thabazimbi Municipality which draws the attention to the requirements of the MFMA (Act 56 of 2003), specific reference to section 171 (1) (d). In terms of this section of the Act misrepresentation of financial status of the Municipality is a punishable offence.
The notice that was submitted is as follows:
Extensive deliberations took place since the publication of the Thabazimbi Municipality Draft Budget for 2015/16 with senior officials and separately with the acting CFO.
Omissions, errors and errors in cross reverence figures, as well as a magnitude of increases provided for in the Budget were addressed in detail.
The Thabazimbi Chairpersons Forum notes with concern, after having insight to the Budget for consideration on 29 May 2015 for approval and implementation by the Councillors of the Thabazimbi Municipality. The deliberations are not reflected in the budget.
Hereby notice is submitted of total no confidence in the Council and the managers of the Thabazimbi Municipality for approval of the 2015/16 Thabazimbi Municipal Budget. The notice of no confidence is based on:
Misrepresentation of the financial status of the Thabazimbi Municipality, well knowing that the liquidity of the Municipality is under strain. Yet a surplus of R49m is reflected for the actual budget for 2014/15.
The lack of public participation as provided for in the MSA Act 32 of 2000 specific reference to the following:
Rates policy not been expose to public participation as provided for in this act
In spite of extensive deliberation on the budget and IDP no feedback was provided to the Forum to recommendations made.