No astrologer needed

It was not so long ago that I mentioned in my Editorial Comment that South Africa will probably be the first “First World Country” to degenerate from a full blown democracy into a traditional tribal monarchy with a King that rules his tribe.
This King will definitely be from the Zulu tribe, the same tribe that the president of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, belongs to. Even as I am writing this, Zuma, as a vivid supporter of the Zulu king, King Goodwill Zwelithini, is paving the path to declare “his” South Africa as a kingdom ruled by the Zulu nation. Those who can’t see this coming should open their eyes and look what is happening around them.
King Goodwill Zwelithini is being paid R156 000 per day (Beeld Wednesday 29 April), that is R57,6 million per year, to uphold his six wives and 27 children. Some of this money is spent to support his farming attempts, which he is obviously not good at if he gets a grant from the government. This type of grant is not available to commercial farmers who put the fresh and other produce on the supermarket shelves.
Presumably, like every African King or President, he must have a decent kraal to keep his cattle at his Palace and, as we know from Nkandla, this might cost a few million bucks.
The best of all is that he does not even earn a place in our democracy. The position he holds was introduced during the apartheid rule of the previous regime. It seems so comfortable to keep some of the arrangements from a “despotically regime” only to apply it to establish the next despot as King of the nation.
If the people who keep track of the history of all the nations which were thrown together, through different circumstances, in South Africa, they should be aware how the big King of the Zulu nation, Shaka Zulu was slain by his half brother, Dingaan and his allies, in order for Dingaan to become King and rule over the mighty Zulu nation.
President Zuma has already started to surround himself with his “pro-Zuma allies” and getting rid of those in his cabinet who queries his decisions. If my name was Goodwill, I would not feel very comfortable.
There is a tendency that history repeats itself, especially if you are not prepared for the consequences the future might hold in for yourself. To get this insight, it is better to stop the struggle and start studying the history of all the nations that contributed in building this country we know as South Africa.
Foreigners flock to South Africa as it gives them, despite the xenophobic attitude of locals, a better standard of living than what they experience in their countries of origin. Most of these countries are in Africa.

Comment by Pieter Coetzee – Editor: Kwêvoël