Eskom will not cut power to TLM: Guarantee from Acting Municipal Manager

THABAZIMBI – Thabazimbi In a press release issued on Wednesday 15 April by the Acting Municipal Manager of Thabazimbi Local Municipality, Mr CG Booysen, it is stated that TLM would like to acknowledge media statements regarding the TLM owing Eskom a substantial amount of money accrued over the last four years.
According to the statement Thabazimbi Local Municipality, Eskom, NERSA, Provincial Treasury, CoGHSTA and SALGA have formed a committee to address the followings:
Municipality electricity tariffs.
Find ways to optimize effective electricity distribution.
Eskom old debt and current account.
This committee was established in August 2014 with the main focus on the settlement of old debt. The committee convenes monthly to monitor progress and give feedback.
Booysen mentions in the press release that the Council has since taken a resolution on the Eskom repayment plan. The Council has committed itself by a resolution to settle the Eskom debt by July 2017.
Booysen also assured residents and businesses as Acting Municipal Manager of the Thabazimbi Local Municipality, that the electricity supply will not be disconnected given the arrangements that are already in place between Municipality and Eskom.
In the last nine months, Thabazimbi Local Municipality has made a significant improvement towards paying the current and old debt to Eskom.
He concluded by saying that given the above, Council remains committed to the full repayment of all bulk services.