Bush Bugz filling the void

Managers’, Marco and Kate Coleman of Angasii Lodge, situated between Northam and Koedoeskop, welcome to their team Geraldine Breedt and Lizinda Jacobs. Geraldine offers a wealth of information, energy and enthusiasm to an aspiration both she and Kate have shared independently, their chemistry and combined passion now culminating in ‘Bush Bugz’. This new venture concentrates on the education and stimulation of young children, within the concept of nature and environmental awareness through “Independent Learning” as taught within the popular “Montessori Education System”.
Bush Bugz has the fundamental belief that communication and compassion is central to understanding and being understood, thus creating awareness and tolerance of our diverse Rainbow Nation and the reality of the world we live in, Bush Bugz aims to fill this void.
Bush Bugz, coupling Kate’s business experience and project management skills, with Lizinda, as qualified Pre-School teacher, who provides directional concepts and implementation combined with her clear understanding of a child’s need and love of learning which filters into her classroom, and Geraldine’s experience, this bold collaboration is definitely worth investigation.
They offer Dual Medium instruction in open classrooms within a tranquil bushveld environment, creating a calm atmosphere, removing the external stresses of town living and getting back to basics. They feel the responsibility to guide their children acutely, and is concerned by the lack of options within the community.
Their aim is to begin equipping children with the skills, self-confidence, self-discipline and independence within a loving, non-judgmental environment; offering structured freedom and encouraging each child’s unique style of learning, developed from their distinctive creative processes. This loosely describes the concept of Independent Learning as taught within the popular Montessori Education System.