Tribal rule: Zuma leads the way

zumaNot-withstanding new inventions and cultural growth, based on a democratic state including a parliament where citizens voted for their own parliament members to ensure that they are well represented in government, South Africa is rather taken on the rout back to Africa, the dark continent.
The democratic government is there to ensure that promises made in terms of welfare, ensuring stable living conditions and providing services like accessibility to safe drinking water, proper toilets and electricity are enhanced.
These promises were stillborn with ANC rule as the South African economy is not strong enough to support the populistic promises only a welfare country afford. If you believe all these promises, you have not taken into account that, apart from stealing by means of appointing tenderpreneurs and consultants because the officials appointed in most executive positions are not qualified nor competent to do the work. Add to this the government’s fraudulent way of spending large amounts of their budget on court cases instead of providing services to the communities, for which the money was intended for. Whether you voted for them or not, you as consumer and ratepayer are still have to foot the bill and they must provide the service.
From where we started as a new democracy more than twenty years ago, we are more on the way to the years before the new generation got used to the new technologies like computers, cell phones, and everything that accompanies this. We as the older generation had to go without all this. Not because we were poor but because it did not exist. Not even mentioning the missing generation since the ANC took over, with kids born 20 years ago even worse of in terms of education. This was stolen from there by overpriced books and tools used in the educational system.
The growing unemployment rate is a sure factor to show that the government has completely failed in their promise of a better living for all.
Anger, as we have seen in our parliament, is a manifest that the government seriously wants to return to the primitive way of living where the king has a kraal full of cattle and his subordinates join him in a drink of magua at the chief’s royal hut as they wait for the women folk to return from the field where they were gathering firewood to make the fire in order to prepare a meal for the king and his tribe’s headmen.
He is the king, surrounded by his favourite generals and those protecting his live from an assignation, so true to those who eliminate their opposition rather than facing them in a referendum.
This compares favourably with the Zumafication of South Africa. The money spent on Nakandla, the official home of the president and the fact that he is slowly but surely surrounding him with his allies in the top posts in government, including the police and justice department, South African Revenue Services (SARS) and the IEC, the most important department that has to ensure that he stays in power, as applied to all the “open and fair” elections in the rest of Africa.
If the EFF only realise how supportive they are in this Zumafication process, they would stop their unruly behaviour in Parliament. Once the Parliament becomes dysfunctional, Zumafication will be completed and South Africa will, for the first time in its history of its status of being a first world country 20 years ago, be ruled the tribal way
Editorial by Pieter Coetzee – Editor