What is happening to Thaba Park?

Photo taken at the 2004 Wilds Expo.
Photo taken at the 2004 Wilds Expo.
As a permanent resident of Thabazimbi and an avid tennis player I wish to express my concerns regarding Thaba Park.
I have now heard from 2 very reliable sources, 1 being Alpheus who is the resident caretaker of Thaba Park, that the borehole may no longer be used for irrigation in Thaba Park. His exact words were “daar is nie n druppel water hier nie”.
Two versions are circulating: 1 is that the pump has been removed, 2 is that the water is being redirected into the Towns network?
Whichever it is, the results are nothing short of DISASTROUS!
The lawns of Thaba Park are dying! They are infested with termites and soon Thaba Park is going to be nothing more than a “dust bowl”.
Some of the beautiful huge trees are surrounded by termite nests and they too will soon just give up the fight (some of the trees have been there for decades).
My million dollar question to whoever’s bright idea it was to stop watering at Thaba Park is this : WHO IS GOING TO REPLANT LAWNS AND TREES WHEN THERE IS NOTHING LEFT?
Already the upgrading of facilities at Thaba Park stand incomplete due to the contractor not being paid by the Municipality, now we stand the chance of losing what has always been a little “piece of prettiness” in our town and something we once upon a time were proud of.
Someone needs to answer our questions, before there is nothing left of Thaba Park!
Sort out the termite infestation, give our water back, and preserve Thaba Park for the next generation!